(last update MAY-2014)

MacOS X version released by janni kovacs. You can find it on his webpage : http://www.u-mass.de/lastfm2itunes
Thanks a lot to Janni for this script that a lot of Mac people were waiting for !

A version (v0.65) is now ready for download with 2.0 XML version of lastFM. This vesion solved an issue regarding not loading all tracks data.

lastFM2lastFM perl script

Recently I've been asked if it was possible to generate .scrobbler.log file (more info here) with my lastFm2itunes scripts in order to update a last.fm account.

So I basicaly wrote another perl script (based on the first one) to generate this last.fm compatible file.

Then use one of the scrobbler.log file uploader listed here.


download latest version

What the script does

  • parses your lastFM data
  • create a .scrobbler.log file

LastFM2Itunes Perl Script


lastFM2Itunes is a perl script that updates iTunes tracks play count and play date with last.FM tracks information.


download latest version

What the script does

  • parses your lastFM data
  • looks for matching tracks in your iTunes library based on Artist/Song
  • if track found it updates the iTunes play count only if it is less than the last.FM one. Update the last play date too.
  • if enabled, data can be saved into a csv file

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